Share your Knowledge
Share your Knowledge

Share your Knowledge

Our primary goal is to provide technical troubleshooting solutions. Please feel free to share your knowledge on a technical problem and we shall publish that on our website crediting you. Please make sure that you provide an original piece of content and not something that has been published elsewhere.

To check existing Error code base, please visit Knowledge base.

Do you want to get your articles published on our website? We’re accepting well-written, informative guest posts covering these types of content:

  • Step-by-step guides – a how-to post written in a beginner-friendly way
  • Case studies – your own research or analysis based on real data
  • Educational content – a post explaining some technical notion with examples and useful tips

Writing guidelines

We accept only high-quality posts that comply with our guidelines.


  • The topic has to be unique (not covered on our website before)
  • Write unique and actionable content
  • Do keyword research and select a focus keyword
  • Optimize for the chosen keywords and associated LSI
  • The post should have at least 2000 words
  • Include a featured image in relation to the topic
  • Make sure to include images, charts, illustrations, and screenshots
  • Proofread your post to deliver your content free of typos & grammatical errors
  • We allow only 2 anchor links (1 link to your webpage & 1 link to your GMB/Facebook Page Profile) per article

What we don’t publish?

  • Do not violate copyright laws
  • Misleading information
  • Avoid Sharing republished content
  • Avoid stock photos
  • Avoid affiliate links & promotional content
  • Do not promote or link to our competitors

Publication Schedule

After we receive your draft, it takes us up to 7 days to review your content, accept or decline it, and schedule a publishing date. We try to respond to all authors in regard to their submissions.


  • By submitting your guest post, you accept to give us full copyright and ownership of the content.
  • We may edit guest posts to change parts of the content, including backlinks pointing to websites we don’t want to be associated with.
  • We may add affiliate links to some of the guest posts. Having said that, we will only endorse products or services that deliver value to our readers
  • We reserve the right to remove the entire post.

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