How to fix “Something Went Wrong” error when installing Office

Restart your computer and reinstall Office

The most common scenario is that the other background processes are conflicting with the Office installation process and causing the Error “Something went wrong”. Try restarting your system and reinstalling Office.

Install Office using the Office Offline Installer

Visit to download the office offline installer. From the My Office Account Home page, click the Install button and select Language, 32/64-bit, and other install option.

Office Suite Installation in Clean Boot

Try installing the office after starting the computer with minimal set of services, drivers, and startup programs to avoid other programs interfering with office installation.

Install Office using a Wired Connection

The wired connection is stable, faster, and doesn’t lose connectivity. It helps in boosting the office downloading and installation. Plug in the Ethernet cable into your device and try installing Office again.

Install Office using different Internet Connection

If you are trying to install Office at School or Work, consider connecting your device with a different Internet connection at Home, Public Place, Friend’s place or to a Wireless hotspot and then try to install Office again.

Turn off proxy settings temporarily

If you use your device at home, school, or at work, consider turning off the proxy settings in Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari before you install Office.

Temporarily Disable Security Software

Try temporarily disabling your antivirus or securituy software and installing Office to avoid error “Something went wrong”. Security softwares may conflict with the office installation.

Temporarily disable the Firewall

Firewall is used to allow or deny internet access to the applications. As an exception, it may deny providing access to Office installation. Consider disabling the firewall on the computer during office installation.

Remove Other Office Version

Office installation can also be interrupted due to erroneous residual files during the installation or un-installation of previous versions of office. Consider removing Office versions installed in the device and try to reinstall the Office program.

Free space on your hard drive

You might not be able to install programs and important Windows updates if your system is running low on free space. This might affect the performance of your system and in Office installation.

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