How to fix Word couldn't send mail because of MAPI failure: “Unspecified error”

Set Outlook As Default Email Client

Microsoft Outlook or any other Email Client should be Set as a default Email Client to handle the email request sent by Word.

MSMapi File Updation

MSMAPI files are used to describe Message Services and thier Service Providers. Locate & Rename MSMAPI32.dll to MSMAPI32.old.

Disable Third Party Add-in

Outlook can be used safely in Safe Mode when encountered errors. Once Outlook in Safe mode and turn off the third party add-in

Increase Outlook Attachment Size Limit

Outlook does not send emails with attachments that exceed 20 MB. Increase Outlook Attachment Size Limit from Registry Editor.

Repair Microsoft Office installation

If you have start receiving the error after the installation of an Office application, try to fix the error by repairing the Office installation.

Remove Other Office Version

Multiple Office installation can also cause error “Word MAPI failure”. Consider removing MS Office versions installed and check again.

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