Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct

Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct

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powerpoint found an error that it can't correct

How to fix Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct. You should save presentations, quit, and then restart PowerPoint.

“Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct. You should save presentations, quit, and then restart PowerPoint.” tend to prompts due to a corrupted PPT file. Sadly, even Microsoft suggests users to restart the PowerPoint and hope for the best. However, in some cases, errors might be due to memory overflow. Memory overflow is caused due to too many items such as images, audio, or videos files in a presentation. Because of too many items in PPT, RAM might not be able to handle it while processing the PPT file resulting in memory overflow error.

Error Message

Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct. You should save presentations, quit, and then restart PowerPoint.

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Causes of "Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct."

“Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct.” error usually prompts under the following circumstances:

  • Uncompressed image file in PPT File
  • Corrupted Images, Audio or Video Saved in File
  • Security Software and External Plugin program
  • Incorrect installation or upgrade of Microsoft Office application
  • Opening old PPT files that are created using other PowerPoint versions on different computer
  • Blocked Trust Center Setting

Resolution of "Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct."

Error message “Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct.” tends to pop up whenever you try to open a corrupted PPT(Powerpoint) file.

  • Compress Image Files
  • Open PowerPoint in Safe Mode
  • Unblock PowerPoint File
  • Disable Protected View
  • Reuse Slides in New File

1. Compress Image Files

If your PPT files contain images that are large in size then you need to compress these files to avoid the error “Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct.”.

  • Open your PowerPoint file.
  • Select a slide that contains a picture or image.
  • Select the picture or image.
  • Click the Picture Format ribbon at the top of the screen.
  • Click Compress Pictures.
  • Select the checkbox to Delete cropped areas of pictures option to reduce the size of the picture.
  • Choose Email (96 ppi)minimize document size for sharing.
  • Uncheck Apply only to this picture if you want all of the pictures in the entire presentation to be compressed.
  • Click OK.
Compress Pictures in Powerpoint
Compress Pictures in Powerpoint

2. Open PowerPoint in Safe Mode

Starting Powerpoint in Safe Mode can let you safely use it while it has encountered problems. This is helpful when you can’t open a file in normal mode because the application is crashing or there is an extension or add-in causing a problem on startup.

In safe mode, the file may not open with all the formatting but can perform certain operations like edit, save, etc.

  • Find the shortcut icon of Powerpoint.
  • Press and hold the CTRL key and double-click the Powerpoint icon shortcut.
  • Click Yes on the prompt to start the application in Safe Mode. Or Press Windows+R keys to open the Run box. Type “powerpoint /safe” into the “Open” field, and then hit Enter or click on Ok to launch Powerpoint in Safe mode.
  • The PowerPoint will launch with a new blank presentation. Make sure that ‘Safe Mode’ appears with the name of the file
  • Click on File menu and select Open. Navigate the file and check if it opens in the Safe Mode
  • Try to re-save the file. Click on File menu and select Save as.
  •  Once saved try to open the saved file.

If the PowerPoint fails to open in Safe Mode, you may be required to reinstall the application from a reliable resource.

Run PPT in Safe Mode

3. Unblock PowerPoint File

If you come across an error message which prompts “Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct.” it’s likely that the PPT file has been corrupted.

  • Open Windows File Explorer and Locate the problematic file on the computer.
  • Right-click on the file and select Properties at the bottom of the menu.
  • In the Properties dialog box, look for an Unblock button near the bottom right of the General tab, If it exists, click to select Unblock, then click Apply, and then click OK to dismiss the dialog box.
  • Now, try to open the PPT(PowerPoint) again.

Use this method to unlock your PPT file to fix the Error “Powerpoint can’t open this type of file”. If this workaround doesn’t work, consider applying other methods.

Unblock Powerpoint File

4. Disable Protected View from Trust Centre Settings

If your file is considered potentially dangerous or from an untrusted source, the protected view won’t allow you to open it. To fix this, you need to disable the protected view.

  • Open PowerPoint, and Go to “File”.
  • Select “Options” in the menu.
  • In the options, select “Trust Center”.
  • At the Trust Center window, click the button for Trust Center Settings.
  • Click the option for Protected View and uncheck the following these 3 options
    • Enable Protected View For Files Originating From The Internet.  controls documents opened from a website.
    • Enable Protected View For Files Located In Potentially Unsafe Locations. – controls files opened from folders considered unsafe, such as Temporary Internet Files, etc.
    • Enable Protected View For Outlook Attachments. – controls email attachments,
  • Click “Ok”.

Now, try to open the file again.

Powerpoint Options
Powerpoint Trust Center

5. Reuse Slides in New File

  • Start PowerPoint.
  • On the Home tab, in the Slides group, click New Slide, and then click Reuse Slides.
  • In the Reuse Slides pane, click Open a PowerPoint File.
  • In the Browse dialog box, locate and then click the presentation file that contains the slide that you want, and then click Open.
Reuse Slides from another Presentation

Possible Workaround

If you get this error message when you trying to edit the text in a text box or change fonts, then maybe your default printer driver is not available or you have not set a default. You need to install a printer driver if you don’t have any currently installed.
Ensure that your printer is connected locally to the computer through a port and set as default. In the case of a network printer, verify that it’s turned on and running fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why can't I open my PowerPoint file?

    Error message “Powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct." tends to appear when you try to open a corrupted PowerPoint file.
  2. How do I compress a PowerPoint File?

    Use small & compressed images, insert pictures instead of copying & pasting, and compress audio & video files. If possible, insert links for audio or video files.
  3. Why does Powerpoint freezes during opening a PowerPoint file?

    Powerpoint add-ins or extensions, Memory, Graphics, Overheating, Processing Power, etc. can cause Powerpoint to freeze, take forever to open, or not respond. Open the PowerPoint in safe mode to check if it is working fine. If it is running in Safe mode, remove the add-ins and extensions which are causing trouble. You can also disable Hardware acceleration to avoid graphics-related issues.

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